Spiritual Replenishment

Our father in heaven smiles, He applauds, when we discover this gift called leisure. He wants us to enjoy leisure. Find a hobby, an activity, whether its antiquing, kayaking, remodeling, whatever it is. Find it, throw yourselves into it, and enjoy it. When you throw yourself into a hobby, youre talking about those tanks, emotionally, spiritually, physically. You say, Wait a minute? Spiritually? You mean I can antique and fish and run and I can get spiritual replenishment? Yes. The Bible says that the things, all things, are from God, and we can use those as an act of worship.

You see, leisure is the missing piece in a lot of our lives with regard to contentment. A man walked home one day and he took a long stroll, because he was in New York City. This man was a Christian, but he was exhausted. He worked the New York Stock Exchange. He gets to his house, opens the door, closes it, sits down in the la-z-boy and picks up the paper. Hes thinking, Man, finally, I can have some peace and quiet.

Hes reading the New York Times, and out of nowhere, his little seven-year-old son does a swan-dive right into his lap. Boom. Daddy! Lets play! Now, this father was a great Christian man. He loved his son. But he said, Son, I really need to relax. No, lets play, Daddy.

Ed Young says this father was creative. He sees a section of the paper, and there had been a recent moon probe, and there was a giant photograph of the world on this section of the paper. So he said, Bobby, go and get Daddy some scissors. He goes and gets some scissors, brings them back. Here they are, Dad. Dad cuts out the world into all these weird shapes. He says, Bobby, take these shapes, go to your room, and tape them together. Bobby runs off to his room, and his father thinks, Well, hell be gone for at least 45 minutes. I can relax.

Within two minutes: Daddy, look! He hold up the paper, and there is the world, perfectly taped together. He said, Bobby, how did you do that? Bobby said, Daddy, it was easy. There was a picture of a man on the back of the picture of the world, and when you put the man together, the world comes together!
Theres a lot of truth in that, isnt there? When we put the pieces of this book in order into our lives, and especially this missing piece called leisure, our world will come together. Stop working, start worshipping, and model Gods leisure suits.