Relax, Play and Dine at Fort Myers Beach Resorts

Back in the old days, people used to go out and hunt and gather their food. Entertainment consisted of drawing on the sides of caves, and relaxation meant someone was able to get five hours of sleep without being attacked by a wild animal. It’s not the old days anymore, which is why you should not live like a caveman. Instead of roughing it like the old Cro-Magnon man, book a room at one of the magnificent Fort Myers beach resorts during your vacation. You will have everything you need within walking distance, and you will live like royalty.

Your distant ancestors may have been forced to trap their meal and then eat them by the fire, but you’re more civilized, which is why you will enjoy dining at one of the restaurants you will find at the various Fort Myers resorts. When you stay at a resort, it’s easy to find delicious food like steak, fresh seafood and hamburgers. In addition, some of the resorts have their own yachts they use to host brunches and dinner cruises. You will get to think about how far you have come when you sit on the yacht and enjoy your meal. You’ll be thinking, -Cro-Magnon who? I’m like royalty.-

Resorts are also big on fun. From swimming pools to sports courts, you won’t be stuck looking for something to do when you stay at one of the resorts in Fort Myers.

Relaxation is also important when you’re on vacation, and hotels like the Marriott Fort Myers understand that. That’s why they offer spas, large guestrooms with balconies and sweeping views of Sanibel and Captiva Island.

Resorts in Fort Myers, Florida make it easy to relax and have a great time. Your ancestors struggled to survive so you wouldn’t have to. Forget about hunting, gathering and being bored.