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PUMA is a dynamic life of the world’s leading brands, design and develop various kinds of footwear, apparel and accessories. Through unremitting efforts to return, the company is committed to the community, the specific measures including full support for world peace, sense of innovation and sustainable development of SAFE, as well as in decision-making and implementation process abide by the fairness, integrity, values, positive and innovative. PUMA was founded in sporting goods industry, eventually entering the field of fashion. PUMA’s professional sports and sports fashion product line involving football, running, racing, golf and sailing areas, and Black Label Series will include with Alexander McQueen, Yasuhiro Mihar and Sergio Rossi and other world-renowned designers to work together. PUMA Group’s brands include: PUMA, Trentorn and Hussein Chalayan. Founded in 1948, PUMA company products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, more than 9,000 employees in Germany Hal carrizo root – HeRe hearn, Boston, London and Hong Kong, China set up headquarters.

Learn the history of sports shoes, knows “Puma” and “Adidas” brand is the Dassler brothers both created, and older brother Rudolf to Puma “Puma” in the name of, his brother Adolf was combined founded his own name “Adidas.” Puma shoes design philosophy is to “sports shoes” find a new way for “fashion”—- While other sports shoes for various sports brands to continue to develop more and more professional sports shoes, the “Puma” is already in the fashion design and life shoe, input the new design. Today, the “Puma” has become the fastest growing in leisure and sports series based sports brand.

PUMA Products

PUMA sports shoes: Puma shoes in Europe and the United States is the pronoun of “cool”, with fashion trends men and women are rushing on the “Puma” products. The forefront of fashion that exudes atmosphere and elegant alternative, rebellious and unconventional, is the product features of Puma sneakers. It is these features authentic Puma shoes maintain a high price, high-profit magic.

PUMA leisure shoes: Puma leisure shoes include Board Shoes series, Puma creative movement series, Puma Runway series, Puma slacker series and so on. Puma leisure shoes advocated the implementation of the “movement of life” of ideas, originality to make the sport, leisure and fashion the most creative part of the field fuses in together successfully.

Puma racing shoes: Puma has always been their responsibility to lead the fashion trend. The launch of Puma Ferrari series, Puma F1 series design inspiration from the Ferrari Formula One F1. There were painted on the outer end of Monaco (MC) circuit, Suzuka, Japan (JPN) track and Italy (I) circuit design.