Live An Ultimate Lifestyle At Dlf Woodland Heights

DLF Bangalore is developing the premium lifestyle with its top-most project DLF Woodland Heights in Bangalore. The city is known as the IT/ITES zone provides amazing facilities to the home-buyers such as top schools, metropolitan lifestyle, good weather and excellent road networking. The best feature about the city is that it boasts of having larger apartments than any other city. The recent approval of state government to the real estate projects also making it possible to have a home in Bangalore. The approval will help the investors to get an affordable home with timely possession. Bangalore has always been a metropolitan city where one can get numerous chances to grow and explore.

The city is the biggest hub of India where IT giants have stated their ventures like Helix, Mahindra Systems, HCL, Biocon, Patni Computer Systems and many more. The IT professionals find this city best for starting or boosting up their career. The growing immigration of aspirants from other region is developing the needs of residence in the city. It has been said by realty sector analyst that the realty sector of Bangalore will emerge as the hottest investment sector in mid-2013.

DLF Woodland Heights Bangalore is located at Jigani-Bommasandra Road at Rajapura where you can get a life unmatched to anywhere else. The venture is superbly designed to offer you a life blessed with plush natural surroundings, greener landscapes and convenient access ways. The housing project is ideal for the working people of electronic city which is the home of many prominent IT giants. The project is well connected with the railway station so that the inhabitants roam around the city. The Bannerghatta Road is just 8 km away which will further link this project with the cities of Hosur, Anekal and Bannerghatta. The 60 ft wide road near the project will also develop convenient access ways for the residents.

Alishba Tours Enjoy The Best Tour In Dubai With Exciting Facilities

Alishba Tours: Enjoy The Best Tour In Dubai With Exciting Facilities


Alishba tours are one of the best travel agency in Dubai that provides opportunities to make a better tour in here. Dubai is one of the fastest growing developed countries that offer wide range of travelling facilities to the people of the world. As Alishba tours offers to provide it services to the entire Dubai, so, this is the best option to you to make your tour successful in Dubai. On the other hand as a new tourists transportation agency Alishba tours also offers to provide services at a reasonable rate. So, Alishba tours basically offers to provide not only a better service, but also a low cost service too.

What Perfume Lovers On Cruise Ships Must Know To Get The Best Deals In Fragrance

Vacation is a great time for a cruise and a cruise is a great time to sample new perfumes. That may seem like a leap to non-cruisers, but those who board cruise lines know that most ships have onboard boutiques with luxury and specialty items. It is not unusual for a cruise ship store to stock dozens of great perfumes. And what better time to sample new scents than on a cruise vacation? But there are other reasons to buy perfume on a cruise ship.

The cruise lines must think so, too, because most cruise ships feature perfume pretty prominently in their onboard shops. One perk I find in cruising is that you can sample a lot of different perfumes in these shops to really get the feel (and wear) of fragrances you might not normally try.

Cruise lines feature duty-free shopping but the astute woman of fragrance nosing around the cruise shop perfume counter may notice that prices on the perfumes onboard ship are not much different than prices back home at the local department store or online shop. So what’s the big deal about duty-free anyway?

Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort To Open On 1st March 2012

Sandos Hotels & Resorts has recently announced the launch of its first ever Cancun property, the new Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, which was formally managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts prior to Sandos taking over.

The 214-room luxury hotel will re-open its doors to guests on 1st March, 2012 and tourists taking Cancun holidays at the newly renovated resort will be able to enjoy all-inclusive offerings, new gourmet restaurants and culinary programmes.

Jacques De Paep, the director of sales and marketing for the Spanish-owned Sandos Hotels & Resorts, commented: “We are thrilled to open the Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, offering a boutique all-inclusive experience unlike anything currently available in Cancun.

Experience Florentine-Style Pampering with Luxury Hotels Florence

If there is one city that you would like to tour on foot, it will absolutely be Florence. So if you are visiting this city, it is best to choose a luxury hotels Florence that is only walking distance from the most precious tourist sites in the city. Florence is one of the footstone of the Renaissance period, making it one of the centers of the greatest architectural designs that are reflected in almost all of the hotels in Florence.

The Casa Howard hotel is one of the luxury hotels Florence that truly speaks of elegance and class. It is an elegant mansion that has 13 deluxe rooms and suit that are all sophisticatedly furnished with nothing but the best facilities. They also have a private garden and terrace that is perfect for relaxation after a whole day of exploring and enjoying the wonderful sights in Florence. This is hotel is known for being cozy and delightful. Also, it is only a minute ride away from the famous Santa Maria novella, the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio.

Another Luxury Hotels Florence that offers state of the art accommodation is the Loggiato dei Serviti hotel. T is perfectly located at the center of the Piazza Santissima. This hotel is formerly a monastery in the 16th Century. However, it was transformed to be one of the most elegant and classy hotel in Florence. It has 38 elegant rooms that are all decorated in an exquisite Florentine style that includes exposed wooden rafters and canopied beds. This hotel still holds the wealth of the history that makes it stand out from the other modern hotels in the place.

Electric Car Distance Limitation Facts

Electric cars have become very popular recently due to new information on how to convert to a electric vehicle. Most people seem to believe that electric vehicles are not practical because they can not travel far enough, but this is simply not true.

Granted you are not going to take a cross country trip in one, unless you also happen to own the worlds largest extension cord. Until battery technology improves, that is even beyond the range of a brand new $100,000+ tesla roadster. So that proves your point right? Lets take a
closer look.

How much do you really travel every day? Government studies show that 80% of Americans drive less than 50 miles a day, 50% drive less than 25 miles a day, with a range of 100 miles or more an electric vehicle will easily get you through the day.

Party Time Is Special Time With Personalized Highball Glassware

It is like having your own tropical settings and your own beach, your own personalized highball glassware makes the entire setting something out of a fairy tale. If you have these, the world seems made for you and your friends. This uniqueness of the glassware makes one feel that there are things that really belong to you, something that done for you.

The bottom of the glass may be rounded or squared depending on personal preference. The height of the glass is around 6 inches – 6.5 inches. The glass is made of clear or frosted material, and the emblem or monogram engraved on it.

When man is writing about his life, he makes sure that the leisure time is well spent. He wants only things that are familiar to him, to be present around him. He would only wear those clothes that he is comfortable with eating and drinking only from his personal glass or plate. This is only natural and personalized glassware are now not the exception but is fast becoming the rule. It makes the leisure time something special.