Lindos Hotels Guide You To Historical Churches

When you arrive in the ancient village of Lindos, one of the most beautiful on the Greek island of Rhodes, you will certainly take notice of all the churches, large and small that dot the landscape. Whether your interest is religious, historical, artistic, or architectural, be sure to ask the staff of the Lindos hotels about these fascinating centers of Christian worship.

Lindos hotels can tell you where you may walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Tradition has it that in 58 AD, Paul landed at Lindos to spread Christianity. The small church of St. Paul stands there, now, to commemorate the event. There are also churches dedicated to St. George, and, of course, to the Virgin Mary.

Ask the staff of Lindos hotels to tell you where to find examples of ancient frescos from the post-Iconoclastic period to the post Byzantine period. There is a fascinating site where you can view the preserved mosaic and marble tiling of an early Christian basilica dating back to the 5th century. Not to be missed is the small Taxiarches Michael, Stratelates where you can see a preserved, post-Byzantine representation of the archangel, Michael, carrying souls to Heaven, the “Psychopompos.”

Astral Travel Stories – Real Or Imaginary

Amid boundless skepticism, lots of people remain curious about astral travel. Astral projection is an out of body experience. A person’s astral body leaves their own existing physical body entering the astral plane. Despite the fact that, over time, a lot has been discovered the possibility of astral travel and out of body experiences, several questions remain unanswered.

Astral projection stories began long ago. There’s historical data referencing astral
experiences in age-old Egypt, China and India. The Inuit families have told of extraordinary persons that could travel to distant places for knowledge and helpful information. The yaskomo of the Waiwai, from the Amazon, is actually claimed to have performed “soul flights.” Those flights are made to seek the advice of cosmological creatures for instruction or helpful advice.

Many tales of astral happenings have certain items in common. Of course, like any other experience, no two astral encounters are exactly the same. Nevertheless, there are many reports of astral mishaps that include a number of commonalities. A few of the similarities are setting and capabilities.

Browse online at leisure for your favorite book 24 x 7

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Exotic Time Club Chandigarh

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The Milan Fashion Campus – Really First Through The Internet Fashion Build College

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Coveted Palm Cove Resorts

The wonderful region of Palm Cove is situated just 20 minutes to the north of Cairns. This place is regarded as being the beach capital of Australia and falls within tropical North Queensland. Palm Cove is a majestic beachside village that has two World Heritage sites on its either sides including the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. This is what creates a magnificent environment for Palm Cove resorts which give tourists the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent natural wonders of the region.

Some of the top-rated Palm Cove resorts are mentioned below:

Grand Mercure Rockford Esplande

Knowing Ancient Egyptian Personalities Through A Meditation Tour

Meditation is the spiritual way to discover the preserved power that exists inside every human being and how to develop it. It’s an unbelievable sensation and high degrees of feelings which allow you in your daily life getting a different visualization than usual that most of you is missing these days. The degree of power varies from person to person. By gaining internal peace, we will gain everything else. Scientifically this detail can be realized wholly in the presence of the three important factors, which are: –


The ancient Egyptians have selected the best enchanted power places to build on it with a very special aspect as the great Pyramid of Giza and different temples situated in other parts of Egypt. That full magical place of power helps the human being to grow their inner peace and to get full of it.