Ecotourism Examples

So you have taken a look at ecotourism and decided that it is something that you are curious about, but where do you go from there? You’ll find that ecotourism has something for everyone, regardless of what you are interested in terms of location and physical exertion, so take a look at some of the ecotourism examples below to get you started! There are plenty of ecotourism examples to find, and chances are, you’ll be able to find the one that is perfect for you.

Volcano Watching – Take the time to see a volcano up close and personal. You will find that volcanoes represent a delicate and fragile environment, and you’ll find that this activity, which can involve climbing into the volcano crater itself, depending on the location, can be extremely physical and rewarding.

Recording Local Cultures – Many ecotourism examples encourage you to get involved with local culture instead of just observing it, and you’ll find that there are many opportunities for you to do just that. When you record local cultures, you are helping with various Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) methods, where you will work to better the living conditions of many people.

Ecolodging – An ecolodge is a facility that will get you as close to the natural world as you can. These housing structures will respect the environment that they are created in and reflect the natural world and the local culture of the area. These ecolodges are environmentally friendly and furthermore will be part of an educational experience that will allow you to understand the world around you a little bit better.

Whale Watching – When you think of the ocean, there is a good chance that you will think of the enormous whales that swim in it, and whale watching will give you a chance to get up close and personal with these giants without harming them. Whale watching tours will allow you to see these animals without resorting to a cramped aquarium and will further educate you towards how they live and how important they are.

Bird Breeding – Supporting If you love birds, this will be the ecotourism trip for you. You’ll find that you will be taken to locations that allow you to scout out various species of birds and even contribute to data about the way that they breed and their numbers; this is a perfect trip for any birder who wants to see some lifers while they are on vacation!

Farm Holidays – When thinking of ecotourism examples, be aware that there’s more to see than just the natural world. Take a look at farm holidays, which will let you see how crops as different as cardmom, vanilla and coffee are grown. This opportunity offers a once in a lifetime look at a culture that may very well be changing very quickly, and it shows how other cultures and other people have lived.

Heading North – Whether you want to look for whales or seals or see the Northern lights, you’ll find that there are plenty of Arctic holidays that are perfect for you. You can take a look at aircraft supported wildlife camps, as well as canoe and kayak expeditions, and there is plenty to see and learn here.