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The Pros And Cons Of Using Your Credit Card Abroad

While it is undoubtedly very convenient to swipe your credit card when you are travelling overseas, it might be an eye-opener to know that you may be paying additional costs and fees every time you do so. Consider these statistics

Banks earn 500 million from overseas credit card usage.
According the Office of National Statistics, Britons spend more than 30 billion in foreign countries; of this, more than half is spent with credit cards.
Almost 70% of credit cards users are unaware that their credit card company levies additional surcharges and fees when they make card purchases during foreign jaunts.

If you were previously unaware of these charges, read on to find out the specific costs you could incur when you swipe your cards on non-UK soil.

Fees for Swiping your Card

When using your card abroad, you may have to pay up to 2.75% of every single purchase you make as an exchange rate loading or foreign usage fee. This means if you have bought goods worth 1000 on your credit card, you may have actually paid 1027.50 for them.

Fees for Cash Withdrawal

If you need cash whilst travelling abroad, you should try and avoid making withdrawals on your credit card as you may be subject to even further charges. Firstly, you may have to pay local cash withdrawal fees of approximately 1.5%. Secondly, you may also need to pay additional fees for withdrawing cash overseas. You may also be charged interest on the amount of cash you withdraw. This means that potentially for every 1,000 you take as cash you may end up paying 47.50 for the privilege (the equivalent of an interest rate of 4.75%)

Currency Conversion

Here you pay a bit of money, even though there are 2 ways in which currency is converted to sterling. In the older system, when you make credit card purchases abroad you pay in local currency. Visa or MasterCard then convert the purchase price to pounds when you reach home, and you pay the amount in sterling. Since the exchange rate fluctuates, you may either find yourself paying up more, or less than the day you made the purchases. In the new Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC, the local payment vendor will inform you of the pounds sterling equivalent at the purchase point. However, although the exchange rate offered is normally quite poor, this method does help you to budget during your holiday as you are aware of the exact amount charged to your card.

The good news is that not all credit card providers charge you the same rate. If you are a savvy user, you should either be able to negotiate your card company into proving you with a more reasonable foreign usage rate or simply select a card that levies the lowest fees. This is well worth doing as by investigating possible credit card charges before you get on the plane, you may save up to 5% of your holiday costs.

There are a few credit card providers that dont charge a commission fee when you use your credit card overseas. One of these is the Post Office credit card. Comparison websites like About Your Money will compare the Post Office credit card against other credit cards. Because lets face it you are not on holiday or overseas all the time, so although this will save you money for a short period of time, will it for a longer duration.

Benefits of Traveling

Today, in this world of stress and anxiety it is extremely important to travel. Traveling is considered the best way of shedding all your accumulated stress and tiredness. The work centric life style has made our life stagnated and monotonous. You should plan a vacation at least twice a year. Traveling has an endless list of benefits. There are limitless hidden surprises and mysteries confined in our mother Earth. Long vacations can actually help you to tame your whimsical mind and bless you with energized mind and body. Traveling is all about fun, excitement and exploring several different kinds of places around the world.

It is important to maintain a balance between the work and the personal life. If you have the hobby of traveling, in that case consider yourself blessed. Nowadays, the young generation is more inclined towards adventure, therefore they like to travel to places where they can get the rush of adrenaline. The elder generation would love to spend some time of solitary on a serene beach or mist kissed flora and fauna. There are numerous hidden surprises waiting for you. Our mother Earth has actually preserved so many wonders so that we can find, explore and appreciate them.

Health care practitioner recommends people to go for tours so that one can stay healthy and fit. Have you ever thought why this is recommended? Well, living in this concrete jungle and dealing with excessive stress leads to both physical and emotional disorder. More importantly, our emotional health gets affected to a great extent. Always remember that the central nervous system of a human body controls everything. According to the medical records, excessive stress and anxieties create all kinds of emotional disorders and the leads to several physical disorders. Travel helps your mind to rejuvenate and revitalize. You may travel alone if you prefer to be in solitary or you may travel with your loved ones. Traveling with family and friends can make the entire trip complete.

Traveling has some magical properties. Therefore, it can efficiently improve one relationship. Traveling together can certainly be beneficial for the married couples. Tour locations can be selected according to personal choice and season. Our planet has numerous things that are yet to be discovered. Traveling means enormous and limitless enjoyment. You can explore and discover the hidden beauty of our mother Earth. You can play with the wild sea and wind. You can hug the mist kissed green valley. How can you forget about the cultures and cuisines? Well, each region of this planet possesses certain and interesting cultural life. Experience different types of cultures and merge with the new flavor of cultures. Save the taste of different types of delicacies. An impeccable vacation can enrich you with intricate knowledge. Strengthen your bond with the nature and bless yourself with breathtaking sights and unforgettable moments that you will cherish until your last breath.

With all those tips in place, you should only find the right travel agency (interesting, but little known fact is that the Danish term is Find rejsebureauer) for you and choose your destination.

Traveling Notaries and Mobile Notary Services

As most people know, having documents and other important paper notarized is very important. For this reason, having the convenience of a Traveling Notary service or mobile notary will prove very beneficial. A traveling Notary Public can conveniently meet all of your document signing needs at an agreeable time and place for you.

When looking for a traveling notary public in big cities and surrounding areas one may want to also consider the classification, mobile notary public. For the most part, a mobile notary public is very similar to a traveling notary. Both of these notaries have the ability to sign various documents, deeds and affidavits. Not only are the majority of the notary public documents marked with specific notary seals they also receive special stamps and signatures. More often than not, most people will find this kind of career to be very exciting.

The Canoga Park traveling notary is educated through seminars and kept up to date to provide proper notary services. For this reason, they follow the notary handbook that was published by the state Notary Public Commission. This handbook is designed to be a guide for all notaries as they verify forms and documents. Additionally, some of the mobile Notaries also double as a escrow Signing Agent. Most people find that a Signing Agent is a notary that has been trained in signing documents such as mortgage loans and other similar items.

Some people in big cities will find that many of the traveling notary publics and mobile notary publics attend seminars and other educational courses designed especially for a notary. More often than not, a traveling notary will also be responsible to perform a jurat. When this occurs the documents must be signed in front of a notary and a sworn testimony made.

Your mobile notary public in a big city may need just the ideal notary signing agent. Most often these decisions are based on need and therefore require an official signature. Furthermore, a large community Notary publics have their own notary stamps and notary seals. These personalized items along with other forms and documents will make a notary publics job much easier.

Traveling Notary Public comes to your location to sign legal documents: Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Deeds, etc. Save gas and time; mobile notary public to your office, hospital or home. Call 1-800-aNotary (800) 266-8279 for 24 emergency service covering most of Southern Califonia including Carson Carson notary public service.

Hire Services Of Best Travelling Option At Low Cost

Due to the change in the weather and the arrival of spring, everybody is planning to have some holidays and enjoy the vacations. People love to travel in the spring season as the nature is at its peak in this weather. The best way to spend this time is to visit the neighbouring towns and places and to have a look at GODs creations. But people are now reluctant to travel due to the rising prices of fuel. The best solution to this problem is to travel through the NYC Charter Bus.

The cost of air tickets has increased a lot in the last few years. This is due to the rising price of fuel and petroleum. Also in the spring season, when people travel a lot, the airline companies increases their ticket fairs. So having a vacation may become very costly during this time period. NYC Charter Bus is a very convenient way for all the people to travel around and enjoy their holidays. One can also drive himself to his favourite destination and can spend some memorable time enjoying the beauty of nature. But if the journey is long then it is natural for one to get tired. So it is reasonable to consider the charter bus service and to travel by it. It will give you plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings and to relax while travelling through the NYC Charter Bus.

Many people also get irritated to drive if the journey is long and they consider it very stressful. Another thing is that it will take more cost of gas or fuel to travel to the neighbouring towns. If one cannot afford the high fuel charges then the charter bus is the best option for him. This bus service is started for the welfare of the people so that they can have a safe and comfortable journey. And also if your car is not in proper working conditions then you can avail the NYC Charter Bus for travelling. This bus service is the best option to save the fuel charges and enjoy the vacations rather than to sit in your home. Even if the bus services will increase their fair due to increase I gas prices but still it is a much cheaper option.

The best benefit of the charter bus service is that you will not have to bear the stress of driving. Rather you can rest back and can relax on your seat. The buses are also very comfortable so you will not have any trouble from the NYC Charter Bus service. Another plus point is that it is a cheaper mode of travelling as compared to the plane and is convenient as well. One can easily take the charter bus and reach his destination comfortably. You can also bring your laptop or other devices and can use the Wi-Fi while sitting in the bus. You can visit different nearby holiday places, restaurants, hotels, recreational sites and beautiful places by travelling through the NYC Charter Bus. The journey will be exciting and you will surely enjoy it.

Travelling with kids is a joyous experience in anyone’s life

Traveling is an amazing experience which has got both excitements and risks. We have to be well prepared before we start our trip. It is always advisable to prepare for the worst when we go to new, strange destinations. Even though we enjoy being with our kids, it’s quite risky traveling with them to a new place. This article advises you the things that you need to consider before you start your trip with your kids. This would make your trip to be a fruitful one.

1. Attitude allows the way to good and bad things. Hence, you should make up your mind to accept the annoyance, missteps and obstacles for simple things. If you get stressed for simple things, your kids also would become tensed easily. If you cannot find any hotel in a particular place or your eight year old son is not getting fish fingers in any of the hotels, don’t be annoyed.

Try to make your mind to accept the things and console your beloved one.

2. Here is an important point that every parents should keep in their mind. Do not forget to take the drugs. It is always advisable to travel with some children Tylenol or may be what ever you prefer and a small container of cough syrup and any precaution that you require. It would avoid your tension of finding a drug store at 12 P.M in the new place. Another important thing to remember is baby wipes. Baby wipes could help you a lot while travelling. You can clean hands, toilet seats, faces and almost anything. It’s a wonderful cleaning resource, especially while travelling. Also keep the travel detergent as your kids get dirty mainly when they travel. Ziplock bags have innumerable benefits and it hardly takes any spaces. Lastly, take a sturdy nightlight which would turn your scary hotel room into a pleasant nest.

3. Make necessary arrangements even before so that you could leave the place at the right time. Delays may increase your pressure and your kids too.

4. Seats preparation is must. You can spend little time on pre planning. Check out the layout of your flight and try to pick the good seats. Think about where you place your family. You can keep everyone in the same row or even you can spread them a little according to their convenience.Many airlines are providing special meals for the kids. It would contain more kid friendly stuffs and often comes with toys or stickers. Lot of airlines has special boarding for families with little kids. Consider utilizing it.

5. Choose the toys and books shrewdly according to your kids habitual. If your daughter can play with Barbie girl for four hours at home, better bring that and it would entertain her in the car. Take a set of portable art supplies. Take crayons, markers and some papers to make them happy and to entertain them. One more important idea is, take at least two new toys and keep them unveiled. You can use this when your kid is about to worry. It would bring immediate joy to them.These are few suggestions for you to have a safe and happiest journey with your kids. You can enjoy your trip happily by seeing cheers in the eyes of your children.

Budget Is Always Matter While Travelling.

To provide an elite experience to your tour, Jaipur Hotels provide premium Budget Hotel Facilities. Decorated with comfortable bed and spacious sitting area, they offer the best option of making the stay of traveler a memorable one. What people expect from Budget hotel, good rooms, and good services from the hotel. Sometimes it makes difficult to some people to find good budget hotel for them. That why internet plays vital roll in finding out good budget hotels for traveler.

People always have a habit to think that higher the cost better is the experience. Well, it may hold true in many times, but it certainly does not applied on the hospitality sector. Even budget hotels, which offer rooms at a nominal cost, can give travelers a fantastic experience. Sure, the luxury hotels have contemporary facilities, plush ambiance and decadent luxury, but budget hotels hold their own in more ways than one.

The Maximum advantage of budget hotels over luxury hotels is the fact that budget hotels give personalized service which luxury hotels often cannot. The reason for this is that most of the budget properties have very less rooms. So, the number of guests staying in these properties is less too, which automatically gives the owners a chance to attend to each guest on a personal level.

Another advantage of budget hotels over luxury hotels is the homely ambiance you get here. Budget properties are not ornate or luxurious, and the same holds true for our homes as well. This homely ambience puts the travelers at ease immediately, and when you are comfortable, you obviously tend to enjoy a lot more.

And of course, there is the value for money factor as well. Sure, luxury hotels give all the sinful luxuries of the world to the guests, but sometimes you feel what the need of all these luxuries is. After all, to enjoy a holiday, you need a comfortable environment, and not all these frills.

Not Just budget hotels, Guest houses are also provide best facility rather than luxurious guest houses. In Jaipur, you can easily find budget hotels and guest houses. Which not only provide good facility but also gives you the best holiday experience; In other words, there is value for money when choosing budget accommodations for your stay. So the next time you think that good things come at a high price only, think again. Maybe you have missed the budget accommodations in your area.

Travelling to Caloundra in Queensland, Australia

Located just 96 kms of Brisbane you will find a wonderful town called Caloundra. Known as the -Winter Playground-, Caloundra is located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. This means that this is the place to hit, during the winters in the southern hemisphere. So, when winter strikes your part of the world, this is the place you should consider coming to, because it will welcome you with the warm sunshine and cool waters. Worth the drive, you will find Caloundra easy to get to if you pick up a car rental in Brisbane at the airport after your plane lands.

Caloundra is known for the beaches and in particular, their stellar surfing. If you are a little apprehensive about the more popular beaches of the Gold Coast, then Caloundra is perfect for you. Not only is it a great place to people watch, it is also a fantastic beach to join in with all of the many fishing areas as well as water-skiing, kayaking and boating beaches.

Golden Beach, Bulcock Beach and Kings Beach make up the most popular in the area. Here you will find plenty of picnic spots, sail boarding areas and so much more. Bulcock beach in particular is especially family friendly with a wonderful esplanade that will allow you to watch the waves and enjoy the great dining, shopping and more. If entertainment is more your style, you must visit the Corbould Race Course which is just a few minutes from Caloundra. As one of the best race courses in the area, you are sure to have a great time. No matter, whether you win or lose your bet, you are sure to emerge victorious in your quest for a good time.

Take the time to head over to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with your Brisbane car rental, or take a quick jaunt over to the Glass House Mountains for some of the best forestry and natural beauty that you will find on the Sunshine Coast. These natural areas have been maintained with much care and are sure to offer visitors, with hours of wonder and awe! Escape with your loved one, for moments that are not only private, but will also help you build treasured memories. The hinterlands are also a fantastic place to visit with children, because they can get a real life experience of the natural flora and fauna of Australia.

With such scenic drives and amazing walking tracks, you can easily see why Caloundra is one of the most popular holiday spots on the Sunshine Coast.

How To Choose The Right Baby Bag For Travelling

The right baby bag can make life easier for you, especially if you are always on the go. When you’re travelling with a child, the first thing you would want to ensure is the child’s safety; the second thing is the baby’s convenience and yours. To make sure you have everything you and your baby needs for your next trip, you have to make sure you find the right baby bag to take along. Here are the most important factors you must consider when choosing a baby bag.


The weight of the bag you pick is the first and most important factor you should consider because you wouldn’t want something that would add to your burden when you’re travelling. As much as possible, you would want to pick a bag that’s lightweight, yet durable. If you’re a first-time mom, you might be surprised at how much stuff you will need to bring when you’re travelling with your baby. You might even be more surprised to find out that your baby has more stuff to bring than you do. A good lightweight baby bag would be one that has few or no metal embellishments at all.


Next to weight, you would want to consider the material the bag is made of. Focus on the exterior of the bag you are looking at and see whether it’s made of material that can withstand extreme conditions. When you’re always on the go, you never know what you would encounter on your trip. To make sure your baby bag endures to the end, find one that’s made of either leather or nylon. If you can imagine travelling with that particular bag and picture it enduring dirty sidewalks, wet seats, and the like, then that’s the bag you should go for.


The number one rule in picking any type of travel bag is this: the more compartments it has, the better. Again, expect to bring much stuff for your baby when you’re going for a trip. To make sure you can accommodate all the diapers, feeding bottles, and clothes, find a baby bag with as many compartments as possible. However, don’t go overboard and pick a bag with compartments that will confuse you. The bag has to be roomy and has to have a flat bottom for easy access.

The Strap

A good baby bag is one you can wear a number of ways, so make sure you find one with a long strap. This will allow you to wear the bag across your body and to keep your hands free to be able to attend to your baby. In the same manner, the strap has to be adjustable and should be able to accommodate any person wearing it.

Color and Style

As for the color and the style of the bag, you have to consider who else is possibly going to wear it. If you decide that you will be the only one to wear it all the time when you’re travelling, you can pick any color and style that suits your preferences. If you plan on letting your partner carry the load with you, make sure you pick a bag with a color and style your hubby won’t be embarrassed with.

Forgotten Items Could Be Sent To You When Travelling

A lot more people, particularly younger people, are now travelling and seeing more of the world than many of our parents or grandparents have ever seen with destinations as varied as South America and the Far East being particular favourites when it comes to backpacking and spending a gap year doing something exhilarating and life-changing.

With many parents having anxieties when it comes to their offspring flying the nest it can be made much more worrying when they are on the far side of the world and not easily contactable. When packing for such as journey and trying to keep your rucksack full of all of the essentials it is easily done to forget one or two important items and being faced with difficulties whilst travelling. This could be medication or particular items of clothing that will be needed but you havent planned on needing.

Fortunately there are possible ways to get important items to your child, friend or any other relative that are out travelling the world and that is by using a leading international parcel delivery firm or courier company. These companies are able to ship parcels quickly and carefully making them ideal when you want to send parcels to someone travelling, in particular where they may not be able to stay in the same place for extended periods of time.

The nature of backpacking is that the person will often be travelling and not staying in one place so sending a parcel quickly is a very important aspect to any delivery these companies carry out and means that people back home can send parcels knowing they wont be inconveniencing you with waiting around for a parcel and potentially marring your own travel plans and itinerary.

Many international couriers have offices and depots throughout the world and make it very clear that they can deliver parcels much quicker than in the past with other services such as the general postal service here in the UK. As well as this there is the benefit that your parcel will be handled by one system so there is no chance of handover issues where one company loses the parcel as it is handed off by another.

In fact with online tracking offered by these delivery services you can even track the parcels progress and make sure that it arrives on time or if the person who is meant to receive the parcel wants to know when to expect the parcel then they can also go online and armed with the unique tracking code they can see where the parcel is and when it has been delivered.

Travelling By Bus From Singapore To Malacca

Bus is one of the most comfortable methods of travelling. If you are in Singapore and have to visit the numerous neighbouring places, the best and economical way is to travel by bus from Singapore to Malacca. Malacca is in Malaysia on the west coast facing the Straits of Malacca. The best way to travel to Malacca is by road.

During this wonderful journey by road, you will also get to enjoy the sight of oil palm plantation and some evergreen tropical landscape along the North-South Expressway. You will enjoy the travel by bus as the trip is full of excitement. There are a lot of rest areas, stop-over, and strategic view points along the highway so the trip will be pleasant and full of fun and you can even have rest if one needs to have a rest. You can even have some food along the way as there are restaurants along the stopover points.

To travel form from Singapore to Malacca you can get regular buses and luxury coaches; which is a 5 hours journey. Alternatively, taking a train or taxi will be uncomfortable as well as expensive, especially if you are taking a taxi. So most of the people would prefer to take bus from Singapore to Malacca because it is more convenient, moreover, the bus will stop at the centre of the town. By taking, train, it is more inconvenient because you have to stop at Tampin before taking additional ride to the Malacca town.

To get around from other places to Kuala Lumpur, there are well-known express buses companies that will make your journey comfortable as well as inexpensive. They won’t cheat you, it would be best to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, in any of the Express bus service. They make the bus travel comfortable as their coaches are luxury coaches with ample leg space.

The comfort of travelling by bus can only be experienced by you when you travel on a bus. The scenic routes and the view offered by the bus will make you wish that the bus service lasts for a long time. The interstate roads are very well made and the make travelling very comfortable for you.