Reliance Industries Now Have A Slice Of Oberoi Hotels

It will now be Reliance Industries catering to your needs when you fine dine at The Trident or lay back in the lap of luxury at The Oberoi Hotel. Reliance Industries Limited, led by Mukesh Ambani, Asias richest man, announced that it had bought a 14.12 per cent stake in EIH Limited, which owns and manages several hotels in the country including the Oberoi and The Trident brands.
The acquisition was made through RIL’s wholly-owned subsidiary Reliance Industries Investment and Holding Private Limited from Oberoi Hotels Private Limited and certain other promoters of EIH Limited a statement from the company said.
“RIL’s investment in EIH Limited has been made as the Oberoi family had developed the ‘Oberoi Hotels’ brand into a premier international brand in the luxury hospitality sector and as a result EIH Limited has excellent future prospects,” the statement added.
The entire deal has set back RIL by a whooping Rs. 1,021 Crores. But knowing Reliance, one cannot be surprised at the enormity of the figures the deal has witnessed. Reliance is a very diverse and flexible company, a fact which is again proven by the mentioned deal.
In a statement, RIL said that the investment in EIH Limited had been made as the Oberoi family had developed the Oberoi Hotels brand into a premier international brand in the luxury hospitality sector. The company noted that EIH Limited has excellent future prospects. The statement also said that there would be no change of management, operation or control of EIH Limited.
RIL is likely to get one seat on the board of EIH Limited for its stake. Sources said that there was no immediate plan for an open offer. Sources also confirmed that this was a strategic investment and probably the first step for the petrochemical major to enter the hospitality segment.
Now with Mr. Ambani investing aggressively in the hospitality business, it would be interesting to know whether his competitors follow lead and this inception triggers a series of aggressive investments mounting to huge amounts. Only time will tell what is in store. But for the moment, its Reliance at your service.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours And The Ways To Get Them At A Cheaper Price

The next time you take a getaway to Las Vegas, you should treat yourself to a bus tour of the Grand Canyon. Motor coach trips head for the canyon every day of the year, and depending on the season and your physical condition, they can be expanded to include several terrific activities. Going by tour bus is the ideal way to get to the Grand Canyon National Park from Vegas, and you’ll find the ride relaxing and enjoyable.

Las Vegas Bus Tours

Vegas travelers have several options when it comes to Grand Canyon bus tours. A lot of the tours are all-inclusive and come with great perks such as free transportation to and from your hotel. If you’re staying in a hotel off the Strip, the hotel itself may offer free transportation in the hotel shuttle too. Some hotels may even offer discounts on tour packages as a perk for their guests.

Shuttle Bus Tour From Miami To Key West

Traveling by bus Miami to Key West is one of the cheapest options to reach the island. Key West is a part of Florida Keys and one of the most populated islands there. Key West is the southernmost point and is situated 160 miles west from Miami.

There are many different means of transportation from Miami to Key West but taking a bus Miami to Key West is the most economic one. Even though this is not the fastest way to reach the island, a lot of people opt to travel by bus. Buses that go until the island are very comfortable and tourists can relax and enjoy the ride until they reach their holiday destination.

Shuttle buses are available by different companies such as for example Florida Express, Key West Express or Greyhound. There are a lot of pick up point all over the Miami so you dont have to worry about where you should catch the nest bus. The biggest pick up points are Miami Airport and Miami Beach. All of the mentioned companies have different prices, and the best way to check them and to compare them it to see online. You can even make online reservations for bus Miami to Key West and therefore ensure to have the best possible seat waiting for you on board. Tickets for children and seniors are always much cheaper and sometimes even have discounts. Peak seasons to visit the island are between January and April.

Callaway X Hot driver definitely produced some long drives

Callaway Golf, known for producing some long drivers in their own right, has taken special notice of long drivers this year and has codeveloped a new driver with Sellinger’s Power Golf. How do I know? I tested the Callaway X Hot driver.

I chose the 7-degree model (5- and 6-degree models are also available) with the dual COG adjustable hosel, meaning I could choose from nine face angle/loft configurations over the three options that come from a single COG hosel. I kept it at 46 inches so I could emulate a long driver as much as I could. I also put the new Winn DuraTech grip on there. Not to elaborate on the grip too much, but it felt awesome.

At 46 inches with a 7-degree clubhead, I have to be honest, I was a little intimidated. Knowing I had an adjustable hosel helped a little, but the added length and low loft made me feel as though I had to swing a little harder to make the golf clubs online work for me. The charcoal finish actually looks really cool with the purple shaft, and I liked the clean, no-nonsense, modern shaping of the clubhead. I wished the head had a small alignment dot or something, so I could assure myself of a setup that placed the ball directly in front of the sweet spot.

What You Need To Know Before Travelling With Kids

Going on a vacation or travelling long distances with the family is one of the most exciting ways to enhance the family bond. However, travelling can get a little tricky when there are kids or infants in the family.

Often people avoid long trips or vacations when they have children because they think it is going to be too much trouble. Though the parents’ fears may be legitimate, the travelling experience can be made interesting, easy and enjoyable if you know more about the factors that affect kids while travelling.

Being prepared and anticipating potential problems in advance will mean that travelling with kids is not that difficult.

Enjoy Public Parks On South Carolinas Lake Murray

Lake Murray is one of South Carolinas most popular recreational lakes. Located in the midlands region just west of Columbia, Lake Murray is a favorite of boaters and anglers. The lake is well known for its excellent largemouth and striped bass fishing. Its 500 miles of shoreline make Lake Murray a prime recreational destination. Several public parks and recreation areas provide convenient access to the lake.

Dreher Island State Recreation Area is the largest public park on Lake Murray. The park consists of 348 acres on three islands, with 12 miles of shoreline. A causeway connects the islands to the shore. The first island contains a campground. The second island has a marina and boat ramps. The third island has picnic areas, nature trails, lakeside villas, and additional camping areas. Other park amenities include three playgrounds and a small store that offers snacks, bait, ice, and camping supplies. There is no designated swimming area in the park, but visitors may swim at their own risk. The park entrance fee is $2 for adults. Children ages 15 and younger are admitted free. Day use areas are open from dawn to dusk.

South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) operates two recreation areas at the Dreher Shoals Dam. The South Recreation Site, located on the south end of the dam, has picnic tables, restrooms, a boat ramp, and a swimming area. There is no lifeguard on duty. The North Recreation Area, located at the north end of the dam, has picnic tables, restrooms, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier. A 1.7 mile paved pedestrian walkway goes across the top of the dam, connecting the two recreation areas. The walkway is popular with walkers and joggers, and it allows spectacular views of Lake Murray. The Dreher Shoals Dam is located on SC Hwy 6, between Lexington and Irmo. Summer hours at the SCE&G recreation areas are Monday-Friday from 11am-8pm and weekends from 10am-8pm. Another SCE&G Park is located in Saluda County, west of Lexington. This park offers picnic tables, restrooms, a boat ramp, and fishing. The park is located on Koinonia Road, off SC Hwy 41-400. Admission is free.

Orlando Vacation Homes For Sale – Best Vacation Spots in the World

When it comes to the best vacation spots in the world, the Orlando homes come first and every day, there are so many people visiting this area. The biggest local tourist attraction is Disney land, to spend vacation in Disney land, you need to have some essential vacation home in this area. There are so many hotels are there, the cost of the staying bill is too much and so expensive here. The biggest advantage with this Orlando vacation home is it will full fill all your home needs. Purchasing these homes in these financial crisis days would be a better idea, because these homes are available for you at low cost, you can use them as vacation rental homes other wise you can lease them. after some days, you will have good returns on this when you are trying to sale these homes. When it comes to local tourist attractions, Orlando vacation homes are having best attractions like the universal studios and sea world and many more. Apart from these tourist sports, there are some other spots go frequently.

Especially, in these days, the demand of these Orlando vacation homes is so high. However, there are so many people are engaging in this trade. Most of these homes are getting profit and also the rentals on these homes will definitely add some financial stability. Due to these tourist attractions, most of the people are visiting this are every year. When it comes to the extreme seasons of winter and summer, most of the people are arriving at this area. The climate conditions in this are so good and everyone would like to stay here. When in comparison with some other states in America, the climate here is moist to tropical.

Apart from this the next financial system for this Orlando is agriculture. The climate conditions here in this are giving some excellent fertile and produces citrus, grape fruits, sugar canes and orange and many more. Most of the Orlando vacation homes are having some excellent personal swimming pools and barbeque party with associates. Finally, there are some well established and experienced real estate agents are selling these Orlando vacation homes form their valuable website. For more information and details, please visit their web site.