Blue Diamond Hotels To Open Luxury Beach Resort In Varadero, Ready For Holidays In May

Blue Diamond Hotels and Resorts has added a new hotel in Cuba to its portfolio with the scheduled launch of the Memories Varadero Beach Resort this May. The luxury four-star resort will open its doors to tourists taking Cuba holidays on 1st May, 2012 after the property was refurbished and rebranded.

Formerly known as the Sirenis La Salina, the property has 1,035 rooms and suites and it is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Varadero, Cuba. Memories Varadero Beach Resort offers plenty of activities for the younger guests to enjoy throughout their holidays to Cuba including a Kids Club and Baby Club, two children’s swimming pools and daily entertainment.

Facilities and activities at the all inclusive hotel include three tennis courts, a spa and salon, a disco, Jacuzzi, two adults swimming pools, fitness centre, multi-sport court, beach volleyball, and watersports such as windsurfing, pedal-boating, snorkelling, scuba diving, and catamaran cruises.

Assessing Service Quality With Hotel Guest Service Checklist

One of the main goals of every hotel is to meet the requirements of their customers. Hotels depend heavily on their clients for profit just like any other business. To achieve hotel client service excellence, the customers must be satisfied with the services offered to them by the firm. In order for you to know how well you are implementing the services of your business, the hotel customer service managers should have a comprehensive hotel guest service checklist. This checklist will include all the important areas that should be checked so that goal accomplishment will be achieved.

Every hotel business has their own objectives and thus, the hotel guest service checklist differs depending on the hoteliers preferences. Nevertheless, there are standard things that you should always include in the checklist. To make things simpler, you should categorize the services so that you can easily keep track of them using the hotel guest service checklist. Among the classifications that you should use are the front desk services, the food and beverage, in room, environmental and facilities access, retail or gift shops and meeting and convention spaces.

In the hotel guest service checklist, it is significant that you include the identification of the employees or personnel in every category. Customers want to identify the individuals who are serving them and thus most of the prominent hotels now require their staff to initiate an introduction to the guests. Aside from uniforms and name badges, it is essential for clients to recognize the people especially those who are visually impaired.

Products That Enhance Traveling

Innovative new products that make traveling easier and more comfortable are very appealing to many frequent travelers who pride themselves on finding cheap fares, fly on cheap airplane tickets and stay at discount hotel rooms or purchase cheap vacation packages.

The following are such products that were introduced at the Travel Goods Association show recently in Chicago:

Compressible Packing Cubes ($25 for three) from Kiva Designs allows a lot more clothes to be packed in bags. Soft side mesh topped bags are provided that can be compressed to half of their original height.

History Of South Africa Cricket Sports

They had been playing Test cricket for very nearly 17 years. The 11 Test matches so far had earned them 10 thrashings and one singular draw. It may feel weird now, yet it is South Africa that we are discussing. The returns were humiliating for a country that as of recently remained on very nearly a century of cricketing history. The initially archived cricket match in the nation occurred as far over as in 1808, when two groups of English officers occupied with a recreational diversion. With the years it pulled in more adolescent men. From 1862, the twelve-month apparatus between the “Mother Country” and “Colonial Born” began being played in Cape Town. Fourteen years after the fact, in 1876, the victor of the rivalry between the South African towns was displayed with the “Champion Bat”. In March 1889, a going by England group played against a delegate South African side at St George’s Park Cricket Ground, Port Elizabeth. The sightseers, headed by what’s to come Hollywood character performer C Aubrey Smith, were no place close to a full quality unit. Nonetheless, they had not many issues in winning effortlessly. There was an alternate match that accompanied at Cape Town, in which Lancashire leg-spinner Johnny Briggs got 15 for 28. These two recreations are presently recorded as the first Test matches played by South Africa, and inquisitively, additionally the first ever First-Class matches to be played in the nation. From the close of 1889, the local rivalries started as the Currie Cup. In the years that emulated, numerous English groups went by for one singular Test in 1892, three in 1896 and two all the more in 1898. Barely any of the going by sides were of better than average quality, however South Africa wound up losing all the Test matches.

After the turn of the century, for a change, a wonderfully solid Australian side went to the area in late 1902.the extraordinary side was headed back from their celebrated around the world Ashes triumph in the hot time of year. Also in the first Test at Johannesburg, Charlie Llewellyn’s bewildering all-round execution very nearly grabbed a triumph for the hosts. A group comprising of Victor Trumper, Joe Darling, Clem Hill, Syd Gregory, Monty Noble, Reggie Duff, Warwick Armstrong, Hugh Trumble and Ernie Jones will positively rank as one of the strongest ever fielded. They were made to endure the disgracefulness of emulating on. Rise spared the day with a splendid second innings century and the match finished in a draw. However, South Africa celebrated. This was the first occasion when they had finished a Test match without losing it. In any case, the two remaining Tests against Australia finished in tremendous annihilations. Thinking back now, do we discover our disposition towards Bangladesh and Zimbabwe on the verge of excessively bigoted? Be that as it may, even as the century was changing, conversion was circulating everywhere. Furthermore the seeds of the turnaround were sown in inaccessible London. Reggie Schwarz used his energetic days in the city, examining at St Paul’s. A good looking, humble man with an especially satisfying voice, Schwarz had won three tops as a half over for the England XV and played a while for Middlesex as an unobtrusive batting all-rounder. In those days, he bowled medium pace.

At Middlesex, there was an alternate man who batted high in the request and had taken to bowling erratic wrist-turn that in some cases did the incomprehensible of turning from off to leg. Schwarz was fascinated by Bernard Bosanquet’s inquisitive conveyances. He considered him nearly for some time before consuming the position as secretary to the Transvaal lender Sir Abe Bailey and coming back to South Africa. In 1904, the South African cricket group was welcomed to play an arrangement of First-Class amusements in England, however the side was not regarded paramount enough to legitimacy a Test match. Playing for MCC at Lord’s, Bosanquet went through the guests with nine for 107. Viewing him nearly by and by was his old companion Schwarz, who had gone along as a piece of the touring gathering. Indeed, he was one of the four Springboks to be confused off Bosanquet. In the match against Oxford University, Schwarz attempted his adaptation of googlies. He wound up catching five for 27. Bosanquet went over the South Africans by and by while playing for Middlesex. He hit 110 in 85 minutes in the first innings, scored 44 in the second. Schwarz got five for 48 in the second innings and the match finished in an exciting tie. All the more significantly, the googly had discovered an alternate built expert. Three weeks after the match against Middlesex, Schwarz was over at Lord’s, knocking down some pins just googlies and top-spinners against an England XI. He took four wickets in every innings, incorporating KS Ranjitsinhji leg before and confused, and Gilbert Jessop played. South Africa won the match by 189 runs. Tragically, it was not conceded Test status.

Rimowa Luggage – Get Into The Groove With Rimowa Salsa, Rimowa Topas And Rimowa Cases

Rimowa is a well-known worldwide as a top luggage brand – luggage with grooves! Or shall we say, Groovy Rimowa! Rimowa luggage fits the bill both ways, both literally and metaphorically. Rimowa cases are, indeed, groovy, displaying a major style statement; everyone would long to aspire for! And literally speaking, the grooved design of Rimowa business and cabin luggage has become the signature of Rimowa and a symbol of great luggage design. Established in Cologne Germany in 1898, in the 1950s Rimowa was the first to launch luggage bags made from structural aluminium. A revolution in luggage had started, and since then Rimowa suitcases would always be identified with light and durable luggage with a distinctive grooved surface. The grooves are still around on the Rimowa suitcase shells but they are now made in tough durable polycarbonate as well as aluminium.

Why buy a Rimowa? Its not only the suave bank robbers who use Rimowa briefcases, as you see them loading bundles of currency into the distinctive grooved aluminium cases, in countless movies. The reason bank robbers love Rimowa cases, is the reason seasoned travellers swear by it. Rimowa has the motto, Where handmade meets high-tech and a suitcase Rimowa may be made from as many as 200 single parts out of which only the shells are machine drawn letting Rimowa offer a 5 year warranty on its products.

Durability is another major reason why both leisure and business travellers count on Rimowa luggage. Just as robbers need suitcases that survive car crashes and falling of the back of trucks so do travellers. Both seasoned and occasional travellers need luggage bags that survive trips around the world, careless baggage handlers and adverse weather conditions. Polycarbonate can absorb a lot of punishment. Rimowa luggage comes in cases that are 100% waterproof to ensure that the looted banknotes are well protected, while travellers can rest easy knowing their cameras, valuables and papers will be safe. The main reason is however the sheer beauty of Rimowa holiday luggage. Movie stars as well as movie directors want to star Rimowa cases in their movies while fellow travellers cast covetous glances as you walk away with your fashionable Rimowa luggage bag in tow. The timeless grooved design comes in a range of gorgeous, shiny colours like orient red and chocolate brown and ensures you never have difficulty recognising your bag on the carousel.

Enjoy Leisure and Luxury at Langkawi

Would you like to visit an island surrounded by legends? Do you want to visit a mountain swathed in mystery? Inviting tourists to enjoy the passions of the -Jewel of Kedah’ and part of an archipelago of 99 islands evolving in the Andaman Sea off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi opens out a kaleidoscope of attractions that visitors staying in Malaysia Langkawi hotels can enjoy. The Pantai Cenang Beach offers gentle waves, golden shores and romantic walks. Tourists can set out to see the Rice Garden Museum with its Heritage Gallery, the Paddy Gallery, a Garden of Variety and an Herb Garden. Laman Padi displays various stages of paddy cultivation, the Heritage Gallery, the Nawa Sari Spa, the Padi Cuisine and Caf.

As a great tourists destination Langkawi invites families to view the Underwater World while the kids would love to see the Sub-Antarctic Ecosystem Display with its -penguin-arium’ which is an underwater tunnel with penguins, the Rainforest Walk and huge tropical aquariums. Kuah exhibits its landmark with the Dataran Lang or Eagle Square with beautifully landscaped terraces, bridges and ponds, the incredible Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman folklore themed park and the beautiful Moorish architecture of the Al-Hana Mosque with its golden dome. As a unique park, the CHOGM Park features a sun-dappled venue which also holds the accolade of the first time international coconut-tree climbing championship that was held in 1987.

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Rentals in the Outer Banks Shine with lans Property Management

When it comes to vacation rentals, Outer Banks lan property managers understand that homeowners want a service that is stress-free and delivers an easy way for them to continue to build long-term wealth in their properties. For any vacations rentals, Outer Banks homeowners know we take care of all the little, and big, things so you dont need to and still have that income stream to do the things you want.

Why lan Streamlines Check In For Rentals in the Outer Banks

During the season for vacations rentals, in Outer Banks often traffic gets snarled and tempers get frayed. We take some of the stress out of getting ready with our off island check in that allows your guests for your vacations rentals Outer Banks homes to arrive early, before the worst of the holiday rush. This means they are relaxed and ready to enjoy their vacations rental Outer Banks home stay.